The Journal of Virtual Studies publishes a special edition once a year for the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference proceedings. All papers were peer reviewed with the same level of care as journal papers typically are, convening an additional special editorial staff to assist in the process.

This yearly conference is one of the largest events for showcasing the work of individuals who lead the charge to re-imagine education. The proceedings found within these pages represent how virtual world educators and researchers continue to break the rules of what a virtual space is, and how it can be leveraged in education.

In this special issue, we have collected papers and abstracts from the conference that represent the vision of JoVS, which intersects work in virtual spaces with education. They explore the possible and the theoretical and present ideas that engage and immerse.

Regardless of whether you choose to read all the papers or to take a brief view at the abstracts, the richness of research, praxis, and conceptual ideas is evident in the varied and critical lenses that each of the authors and presenters utilized. Whether you are a researcher or a practitioner, reviewing the proceedings of this virtual conference is a way to expand your own ideas, to provide you with opportunities to extend your practice in ways you may not have previously imagined.

We invite you to download your own copy of this biannual, peer reviewed, and open access publication that encourages continual renewal of what a virtual space for learning is and how virtual spaces can be best used in multiple educational contexts. We encourage teachers, academics, practitioners, and others engaged in the use of any virtual space for education, research, or training, to submit proposals to the journal for the upcoming issue.