We’ve been busy at work trying to update the journal’s vision, mission and categories, in an effort to better address current trends in research and practice in virtual spaces.  The About the Journal link now has our new vision and mission, as well as our three submission categories.  Author guideines and submission requirements will be updated soon, as well.

Our editors are currently being re-assigned and are looking forward to the new direction of our journal.  We will be doing a new call for reviewers soon.  Previous emails were already sent to reviewers who wished to recommit to the journal’s editorial board.  Please email us at journals@urockcliffe.com if you wish to be considered to be a reviewer.

As a result, we will be open for new submissions in February once our new publishing workflow is finalized.  If you have a paper you wish to submit to us, start by taking a look at our About the Journal page.

Stay tuned for another announcement later this month when we are finally live and ready to receive submissions.