The Journal of Virtual Studies was created as a medium to encourage continual renewal of what a virtual space for learning is and how virtual spaces could be best used in multiple educational contexts.

In this Journal, a virtual space was broadly defined as an extended the learning space, enabling new forms of interaction and communication, based on technological innovation supporting the creative potential of the instructors and their students.


The mission was to provide a peer-reviewed multimedia publication to showcase papers and multimedia productions describing research, program implementation, the conceptual approaches that feature education for all ages in virtual spaces as areas that:

  • Provide multimodal platforms that stimulate learning
  • Consider the human element of interaction, both simulated and real
  • Break barriers to education through spaces of innovation
  • Nurture and prepare learners for continually changing digital literacy demands
  • Encourage new means of assessing learning within authentic contexts


The Journal of Virtual Studies Bids a Fond Farewell

Through twelve published volumes, the Journal of Virtual Studies has produced a variety of papers that focused on virtual spaces. The journal also published the proceedings for the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education for several of those issues, and even...

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Going Virtual with the Journal of Virtual Studies

Being virtual means different things to different people, depending on available technologies and experiences. The Journal of Virtual Studies defines virtual broadly, to be inclusive of all the different ways in which the marvels of computer-mediated communication...

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VWBPE Conference Proceedings Now Available

The Journal of Virtual Studies publishes a special edition once a year for the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference proceedings. All papers were peer reviewed with the same level of care as journal papers typically are, convening an additional special...

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JoVS Changes Coming Soon!

We've been busy at work trying to update the journal's vision, mission and categories, in an effort to better address current trends in research and practice in virtual spaces.  The About the Journal link now has our new vision and mission, as well as our three...

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